May 20, 2022

Content Titles Of the 8-Hour Audio-Course for Beginning Lawyers “How to Deal with Clients and Still Enjoy Practicing Law”

  1. Why dealing with clients can make or break you – plus a few magic moves when you need them.
  2. Professional Responsibility Part 1: Why following the ABA Model Rules will keep you safe.
  3. Professional Responsibility Part 2: How to vet your clients before you take them, plus how to be a good Advisor once you do. (Rule 2.1)
  4. How to avoid the traps that lurk unseen when entering into an attorney-client fee agreement.
  5. How to warn your clients about the “black hole” of litigation without having to experience the pain for yourself.
  6. How and why to raise the subject of insurance when deciding whether to take a client’s case.
  7. Why settlement and mediation are your saving grace, and how not to blow it.
  8. What should you do when you make a mistake, or when the practice of law is getting you down.

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