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Litigation - Insult to Injury

What Judges and Lawyers Know About the Legal System That You Don't


Litigation-Insult To Injury, by Janet Sobel with Margie Cartwright

This engaging, easy to read book explains what really happens inside a civil dispute. The rules and procedures that people encounter are only a part of what goes on. Everyone involved in a lawsuit is helped by understanding the hidden traps that can undermine and destroy good claims and defenses. “Justice” is the goal of all civil litigants, but only the wise can hope for victory. And given the devastating outcomes that can result from filing a lawsuit, this book could be a litigant’s only hope for a good ending.

This book will both inform and entertain the following groups of people who touch and need the legal system: litigants (with or without attorneys), lawyers (especially new ones, corporate counsel, and non-litigators), mediators, law students, college students deciding on careers, small business owners, mental health professionals, insurance adjusters, and anyone who wants to understand our civil court system. No one who is contemplating a lawsuit should make that decision without reading this book. The wisdom inside this book is worth thousands of dollars in legal advice.

With this book you can learn ways to find a good lawyer, make smart decisions along the road towards trial, get important tips on representing yourself in the lawsuit, be a better mediator, lawyer, and client, protect your business from disputes and claims, improve your understanding of the pressures of litigation, and increase settlement opportunities when dealing with a claim.

Here is the real truth behind the civil court system, insights that can give you an equal footing with those who know what really goes on.

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