Praise for Litigation – Insult to Injury

“This work offers rare insight into the lawyering process for laymen as well as practicing lawyers. It opens up the window to many aspects of the practice which laymen usually cannot peer into.”

– Herbert J. Stern Author: Trying Cases to Win, Diary of a D.A. and Judgment in Berlin, Former Federal Judge

“The information in this book will help inexperienced civil litigants protect their legal rights, whether they represent themselves or have an attorney.”

– Paul Bergman, Esq. Author: Represent Yourself in Court, Professor of Law, U.C.L.A. School of Law, Los Angeles, California

“This is a real resource for the uninitiated litigant, a realist’s guide to the American system of civil jurisprudence. As a mediator who is also an experienced litigator, I find myself telling the parties who come to my mediations about many of the important truths in this book. For mediators who are not lawyers, this book will give them valuable insights to use in guiding the mediation participants to a successful settlement.”

Shaun Boss, Esq. California Lawyer and Mediator

“The chapter on Lawyer Ethics is really valuable. It is especially well-written, with the ideas clearly explained. I think the primary audience will be the consumers of legal services, but certainly some of the other target groups would also benefit greatly – those who come in contact with lawyers as part of their different businesses are very likely to benefit. And good for Ms. Sobel for writing it! Her experience helps, and comes through nicely in the form of general wisdom.”

Thomas D. Barton, J.D., Ph.D. Author: Preventive Law and Problem Solving: Lawyering for the Future Professor of Law, California Western School of Law, San Diego, California

“Janet Sobel shares her years of legal experience to help guide the novice through a most difficult process. Very valuable information to give the litigation novice realistic expectations that can help to greatly reduce anxiety and frustration associated with the process.”

Stewart Bell Former Nevada State Judge, Arbitrator and Mediator with J.A.M.S, Las Vegas, Nevada

“Anyone considering pursuing a civil action and even new litigators would be well-served to read this book from cover to cover. Janet Sobel provides the reader with comprehensive insight into each step of the process, from selecting an attorney to jury selection. Litigation – Insult to Injury not only provides a view from the trenches but also contains helpful explanations of the tough decisions that need to be made in civil litigation and the impact that they can have on the ultimate result and bottom line.”

Ian C. Fusselman, Esq. Partner, Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire, San Diego, California

“New attorneys with prior work experience in particular fields or industries tend to join in-house law departments within those fields or industries following law school. It is all too common for those attorneys who choose this track to focus primarily on transactional work where they can demonstrate value and reserve unfamiliar or complex litigation matters for outside law firms. I am one such attorney. This book is a great short course on the ins and outs of litigation for attorneys like me who have limited exposure to the actual litigation process. The entire process is explained in a perspicacious and pragmatic manner. This book is a fantastic guide which prepared me to make practical litigation decisions and recommendations, and manage outside litigation attorneys with a primed pair of eyes. All in-house attorneys should be familiar with this book as it is an invaluable resource for learning about what to expect (and not expect) from the world of litigation.”

– Rose Bowlus In-house Counsel for a California Company

“Litigation – Insult to Injury is a treasure trove of information for anyone considering or already facing a lawsuit. Most individuals do not have a realistic understanding that the civil legal system is unfriendly and uncertain regardless of ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’ The voice of reason heard throughout this book is a wonderful guide to help individuals make informed decisions and move forward armed with much needed knowledge. In fact, this book is a must read for anyone pondering the decision to go to law school and should be required reading for all law students to gain understanding of the world into which they are embarking and to give them empathy for their clients. I heartily endorse Litigation – Insult To Injury for all readers because good citizens need to understand how their civil legal system works (or does not work).”

– Janice Miller, Esq. Solo-practitioner and Probate Lawyer, San Diego, California

“Janet Sobel’s Litigation – Insult to Injury: What Judges and Lawyers Know about The Legal System That You Don’t is everything you did – or didn’t – want to know about civil litigation and were afraid – or didn’t think – to ask. When average people face litigation, they do not know how it works, what they are risking by litigating, how to select or evaluate a lawyer, or what to ask. This book goes a long way towards turning people from uneducated, confused consumers to informed, participating clients. For lawyers, it’s a valuable tool to reteach yourself how to explain civil litigation to normal people, and to offer to clients who want to better understand what is litigation, why it costs so much, how they can avoid it, and how they can make it go as smoothly as possible in cooperation with their attorney.”

– Jessica C. McElfresh, Esq. Solo-practitioner Litigator, San Diego, California

“As a law student, I found this book to be especially insightful into the practice of law. Janet Sobel provides invaluable information to the average layman, law students, and practicing lawyers alike into all aspects of the civil litigation process. This book shares experiences that would take years of trial and error to master and is a great resource for law students to learn of the potential pitfalls and mistakes. Her work is an easy and enjoyable read and I highly recommend this book to all.”

– Christopher Talia Law Student, California Western School of Law, San Diego, California

“The law is very complex and intimidating for first timers – and being involved in litigation can be a bewildering experience with each step in the process feeling like the opening of Pandora’s box. Ms. Sobel’s book goes to great lengths to bring some clarity to the legal process, and very candidly explains how unclear the process really is.”

– Scott M. Maas Architect, California

“I am a small engine mechanic in Connecticut, what you’d call a blue collar worker with no professional degrees. But I have had my share of legal problems and involvement with the civil court system. Janet Sobel’s book is very interesting, filled with knowledge, and easy to understand for a lay person like me. Janet has explained the legal system’s ‘do’s and don’ts’ and her insights into the legal system are priceless! This book is a ‘must have’ for anyone trying to navigate a civil lawsuit.”

– Mark Smarz Small Engine Mechanic, Connecticut

“As an expert who is often hired to form opinions in lawsuits, I can wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Sobel’s book for anyone who is a forensic expert or thinking of being one. Ms. Sobel covers the reality of what goes on inside a lawsuit when experts must be involved. It took me a lot of years to learn what she has put into easily readable form. Of course, besides experts themselves, this book is a valuable resource for any party to a lawsuit that will involve the use of experts. Clients cannot help but be benefited by understanding the role of experts in litigation. Also, her writing style is engaging and entertaining, leaving readers to feel as though she is sitting in a room with them, just explaining the law in a conversational way. An enjoyable read!”

– Richard A. Snyder Real Estate Professional, R.A. Snyder Properties,, San Diego, California

“Janet Sobel has created an incredible resource for anyone trapped in the legal system, people trying to find both justice and peace. From years of working as a trial attorney, Janet knows the inside scoop about how the system is set up, and what it takes to navigate the labyrinth of this challenging and confusing world. Without a mentor like Janet and a map like this book, all I can say is … ’Good luck!’”

– Craig Marshall Co-founder: GAPzip Consulting Services,, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California

“I’ve played the role of expert witness before, helping two clients significantly and one not-at-all. The results seemed fairly out of my control, so reading Janet’s chapter on witnesses helped me understand that is fairly predictable due to how much is unpredictable as a case progresses. I found it a challenging process and definitely felt ‘raked over the coals’ by the attorneys even in one of the cases that I felt I had helped. Thus, it is helpful to learn that this is pretty standard procedure and not to take it personally.”

– Dana Terrell, L.C.S.W. EMDRIA-Approved Consultant,, San Diego, California

“The American legal system is not easy for someone raised in another country to understand, yet there are times when every person must confront the possibility of legal action. Ms. Sobel’s book offers countless hours of thoughtful legal advice, representing years of wisdom collected from the author’s own practice and numerous cases she discusses; it is written with such an exquisite attention to each word that even a non-lawyer and non-native English speaker can follow complex matters comfortably. The book is a gift to every reader. Everyone will benefit from it in a various ways. No one should enter into a lawsuit without reading it first.”

Marina Gumanovskaya, M.D., Ph.D. Health Educator,, San Diego, California

“Ms. Sobel’s book is one that is much needed in the marketplace. I have experienced the legal system first hand myself and counseled others regarding the emotional impact of family and business dissolution. I highly recommend this for anyone anticipating legal dispute. It should be mandatory reading for all entering into personal or business agreements, human resource departments, mediators and corporate management teams. This book has the potential to save, not only hundreds of dollars, but your sanity as well.”

– Linda Sloan Counselor and Life Coach, Arizona

“This book is filled with very enlightening information. It is a must read for anyone contemplating filing a lawsuit and a definite prerequisite before entering into any agreement to employ a lawyer. The concepts presented are well thought out and delivered in an easy to read and understandable manner. The obvious solution to any lawsuit is to settle without going to trial and mediation a great way to accomplish a fair settlement. This can save a great deal of expense and time and likely have close to the same outcome (as going to trial) if the parties are well counseled on both sides.”

– David Chase Retired Civil Engineer, California

“This book will give anyone contemplating legal action an insider’s view of how our complex legal system ‘really’ works. The information and advice Janet provides can guard against the types of decisions we layman can make when we have no idea of what we are up against. The reader can read this book from beginning to end, or select chapters that pertain to their situation. The writing is clear and the concepts are understandable to the layman, applying to a wide range of individuals – from those who are simply curious about our legal system, to those who are thinking of bringing suit who need to know what to look for when engaging legal counsel or representing themselves.”

– Sari Reznick California Consumer

“I so much wish that I could have had this book 50 years ago. My wife and I got our first rental house in 1955, and our initiation into the legal system started with that house. Since that time, we have had occasion to use more than 20 different lawyers for various legal matters mostly in real estate from simple rental agreements to evictions to full litigation. Trying to save money on new lawyers just starting out with reasonable fees ended up costing me more money in the long run. This book would have been a valuable resource and would have taught me about the legal system before I had to learn it the hard way.”

– Russell Miller Texas Consumer

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